There are many options for online casino payment methods, and every casino accepts different ones; one method that is consistently accepted at almost all casinos is Visa-MasterCard.

Visa and MasterCard are major credit card companies that are known worldwide, and they are one of the premier methods accepted by online casinos. Read on to learn why so many discerning players choose to pay by direct credit card when they gamble, and how easy it is to set it up as your preferred banking option.

Pay With What You Trust

Many online casino players from New Zealand will find that they already have an account with either Visa or MasterCard. One of the reasons that players choose to select using one of these cards as their primary banking option when they gamble is because they are already familiar with the platform.

People tend to have lasting relationships with their credit card company. Thus, when they start online gambling, which may be a new activity for them, they feel most comfortable using a company that they trust.

Since Visa and MasterCard are major credit card companies and work with all different kinds of transactions, both online and offline, they offer comprehensive security through their intensive encryption software. These companies are known for their ability to prevent and remedy any instances of identity theft or fraud.

The safety guarantees promised by Visa and MasterCard will ensure that – while you are playing your games and racking up those free spins through fun bonus games – you will be confident that your money and information is safe.

Speeds So Fast – Your Head Will Spin

A major reason that people like to use their Visa-MasterCard account to make online NZ casino deposits is that of the rapid processing speed. These payment methods enjoy some of the fastest speeds when it comes to starting your gameplay.

This benefit is available because using a direct method like paying from a credit or debit card account does not require any kind of middle company to act as a moderator between your personal account and the casino account.

Other alternative payment methods, such as popular e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Click2Pay have some different benefits, but generally have longer processing times for your transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.

If you value fast processing speeds that will help you play instantly, then choosing a direct payment option through Visa or MasterCard may be the best choice for you out of the online casino payment methods available.

How to Pay with Visa and MasterCard

Once you have decided that you want to make your online NZ casino deposits with your Visa-MasterCard credit card, the next step is to actually set up your account and make your first deposit.

First, you will choose a casino to create an account. There are many excellent New Zealand based online casinos, and a quick Internet search can inform you about your options.

When choosing, you should consider factors like what types of games you enjoy, what bonuses are offered (like Welcome Bonuses or free spins in games), and whether the casino is available on mobile.

Many casinos are beginning to offer a mobile platform so that you can not only play on your computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet.

Selecting your Preferred Payment Method

After you have decided which casino you would like to make an account with, you will follow a few easy steps to fully complete your registration.

First, you will fill in your primary information, often just using an email and password. Sometimes you will do this directly on the casino website, but some casinos require you download some free software where you will play.

Next, you will select your payment method. When prompted, look for the option that reads Credit/Debit Card. It may also list the companies accepted (usually Visa and MasterCard) by name. You will then select which specific type of card you have, and you will enter all card information.

All of the information on your card is necessary to verify it and keep you safe. You will enter your name, card number, expiration date, the security code, and your billing information.

Next, the casino will verify your information with the credit card company. Once it is verified, your information will be stored securely, and you can immediately begin making deposits and playing at your chosen casino.

Redeem Your Winnings – At the Speed of Light!

Using Visa-MasterCard as your preferred payment method does not only give you the benefit of fast deposits. It also allows you to withdraw your winnings just as fast by crediting them back to your card.

Many casinos do not require any fee when you make deposits with a credit or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, and other companies may charge small fees for making casino deposits.

Compared to other payment services, however, these fees are very low. This makes direct credit card deposit one of the best payment methods for online gameplay.

As you can see, choosing to pay deposits (and redeem winnings) with your favourite credit card is an easy, convenient way to indulge in one of the most fun activities around – online gambling. Find a great casino, pull out your Visa-MasterCard, and start playing now!