Tomb Raider

While many mobile casino games are already available to gamblers all over the world, not many games are as fun and rewarding as the special Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies game!

Tomb Raider

When playing this game, you can enjoy unique symbols and bonuses, very high payouts you can hardly find in other games, fun multipliers during the free spins, and many other great benefits which will make this game like no other!

Are you ready to enjoy like you never did before? Start playing Tomb Raider now!

The Tomb Bonus Symbol

Some things make the pokies games unforgettable. One of them is a special symbol that you cannot easily find in other games, and that makes your game unique and special. The Tomb Bonus symbol is exactly such a symbol which will change the way you play this game.

If three Tomb Bonus symbols land on adjacent reels, you will be able to win between 36 to 1500 credits in a single spin! Four Tomb Bonus symbols which will appear one by the other produce payouts of 48 to 2000 credits, and in case you win five Tomb Bonus symbols, have no doubt 60 to 2500 credits will be yours!

You Can Win 10 Free Spins Now

Playing for free and winning for real is one of the things online and mobile casino gamblers want most. Now you can, as well, play free spins mobile pokies in no time at all, and enjoy a thrilling, fun, and unique casino game.

Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies mode is activated once three, four or five Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels. 10 free spins are triggered, and you are not required to deposit anything at all.

As you play these 10 spins, which are triggered automatically, so you are not even required to click any particular button during this mode, your real money winning potential is no reduced even a bit. As a matter of fact, all credits won are 3X multiplied, and the free spins NZ mode can be retriggered. Moreover, you can also win the Tomb Bonus during the free spins!

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Play with Scatter & Win More Credits

Scatter symbols are good for more than the pokies free spins credits. When two, or more, Scatters land on adjacent reels, players can start to win many credits before the special mode is triggered (and specifically when two Scatters appear, without having the mode triggered at all).

For two Scatter symbols, players receive 2 credits right away. Three Scatter symbols allow players to win 4 credits immediately. When having four Scatters on adjacent reels, players can be sure they will enjoy 50 credits on the spot, and in case the players win five Scatter symbols on all five reels, they are definitely going to win 400 credits with no delays.

This Game Is Getting Wild, and You Can Benefit from That

Wild is a very special symbol, which makes every game more exciting and unique, and once you start playing Tomb Raider, you can enjoy its benefits as well. The Wild can substitute any other symbol on the reels, besides the Scatter and the Tomb Bonus.

By doing so, the Wild can take part in creating additional winning combinations which couldn't have been created otherwise, and thus help players receive more credits, faster and more easily. The Wild symbol can be recognized by the Tomb Raider title appearing on it.

More Payouts, Less Work

Two, three, four or five Wild symbols are appearing on adjacent reels? You don't need them to be a part of any other winning combination to have them granting you with credits! These symbols appearing on your reels would definitely suffice to produce nice payouts right away!

Two Wilds produce 5 credits, while three Wilds produce 200 credits. When having four Wilds on adjacent reels, you can expect to receive 2,000 credits, and if you are truly lucky and five Wild symbols appear on all five reels, get ready to enjoy nothing less than a fat prize of 7,500 credits!

How to Play the Game You Always Wanted

Each player knows deep in his heart how he wishes to play his dream game. Some would like to be 100% surprised with each and every spin, while others would feel more comfortable to know, even just a bit, what's expecting them.

Some players would prefer to play a game completely based on luck, so they need to learn absolutely nothing before starting to play, and others would like to use their knowledge and experience to make the game more exciting and unique for them.

Eventually, no matter which kind of a player you are, and what you prefer at the moment when playing Tomb Raider Free Spins Mobile Pokies, you can expect to play the game in your own way. Here are a few important features you will probably like using as you play:

Select Lines. Listen to Your Heart, and Bet Your Own Way

This feature is just for you, if every time you play you are sure you know where the next winning combination is going to land, and then you find out you were right. Clicking the Select Lines button, or the numbered buttons at the sides of the screen will allow you to mark the lines you want, and to bet as you wish.

Increase and Decrease Deposit Rates According to Your Needs

Different players have different needs at different times. Some players find out they are short in credits, but still, want to play for a while. These players will do well if they choose to decrease the number of credits they deposit at each spin.

On the other side of the spectrum we could find the players who have more than enough credits and are also willing to risk it a bit, and in return have the chance to win more. Much more. It is good to remember that payouts are granted in direct relation to wagers placed.

Coins is the feature which will allow you to decide how many coins you use when spinning the reels. Coin Size is the feature you can use in order to set the number of credits you use for each such coin in your bets.

Bet Max, Enjoy Max

Can't wait to win the highest payouts in this game? Want to win those credits the fastest way possible? A button developed especially for the most enthusiastic players who are eager to win quickly is now available in Tomb Raider as well, and it is called Bet Max.

Once clicking the Bet Max button, you don't have to wait anymore. All lines will be marked at once, the size of your coins and the number of coins chosen will be raised to the max, and the next spin will start immediately, with the highest rates allowed in the game deposited for you.

Besides watching the screen and waiting for the results, all you have to do is wait, and rest.

Auto Play. Be Unique, Have Fun

There is one special feature saved for the expert players, and you can use it once you click the Expert mode. Auto Play feature allows you to play the game without clicking any additional buttons, so you can rest as long as you want.

Quick start can be triggered by clicking the 5X or 10X buttons, so 5 or 10 auto spins will be triggered right away. If you click the Auto Play button, you will be able to adjust the feature's settings as you wish. This adjustment includes the ability to control the exact number of spins you wish to trigger, as well as the way you want the reels to stop from spinning.

After you trigger the mode, you can lay back on your chair, and even grab yourself something nice to eat or drink, while watching the screen. And if you ever wish to stop this mode before all spins are complete, simply click Stop.

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