Welcome to the World of Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports have become immensely popular recently thanks to punters’ growing fascination with fantasy sports video games involving Football, Baseball, MMA, and more. The growth of these games has seen the introduction of mobile betting around the events, and now New Zealanders can not only create their very own fantasy Virtual Sports teams, but they can also stake on matches and leagues that have been generated by computer programmes.

These electronic games generate visual feedback on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Inspired by actual sports, they originated from fantasy games that were drawn using pencil and paper. Computers transformed these from the kind of thing played by a group of friends or acquaintances in a local community, to events being played anonymously by people from all over the world.

What Are Virtual Sports?

The bookmakers supplying the great sportsbetting NZ provides are always looking for new ways to ensure their customers can enjoy the latest and greatest wagering opportunities. Online virtual sports have thus become an important part of what they offer, thanks to the state-of-the-art experience that these hyper-realistic gaming products provide. It’s a brand-new user experience and excellent entertainment, and bettors are slowly but surely becoming aware of the great possibilities it offers.

The process involves staking on simulated electronically generated events that have been arranged by a bookmaker, with the outcomes of each of the events determined by a computer algorithm and Random Number Generator. This ensures that the winner will be selected in a totally non-biased way.

What’s more, the matches can be played anytime, whenever you feel like betting, and you’ll be weighing up the odds, generated histories, and the various player profiles that have been produced and then provided by the site.

Features of Virtual Sports Betting

Thanks to the rapid increase in the availability of online virtual sports betting, the features and graphics being offered are much more innovative and advanced. The simulated events that you’ll be able to bet on have been modelled on actual pitches and stadiums, and the graphics are of a quality that will really immerse you in the action, making you feel like you’re seated at the stadium or standing at the racetrack.

Normally there’s even commentary for the various events, and you’ll be able to enjoy a highlights reel that will playback goal attempts after each score, really making your mobile betting experience that much more absorbing. Some of the big-name bookies even have fans belting out soccer clubs’ anthems!

Advantages of Virtual Sports

This type of wagering is sometimes viewed slightly less seriously than the traditional sportsbetting NZ has available by bettors who remain a little scornful of the whole concept of Virtual Sports. But bookmakers would not be making these markets available if there wasn’t the potential for profit on both sides, and it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand!

You can bet on a variety of different sports and races every 90 seconds or so at most sites, with most events lasting for just 3 minutes. They’re easy games to wager on too, and you’ll be able to take part even if you aren’t the most experienced punter around. This kind of staking is a wonderful way for newbies to practice their wagering, putting strategic tips to use as they try to find the ones that work best.

Virtual soccer is a great place to begin, because this game is already so popular that when it comes to wagering, the learning curve is reduced. Events and matches are streamed with a high-quality video feed and you can wager 24 hours a day, so it’s essentially an endless source of mobile betting opportunities!