Scratchcard Pokies

If you are looking for fun, easy-to-play online casino games with potentially big payouts, scratchcard pokies are the answer. Also known as Scratchies or instant win games, these simple, yet exciting games are ideal for online and mobile pokies fans looking for something a little different.

Filled with exciting themes, high quality graphics and entertaining sound tracks, they offer up all the exhilaration of spinning the reels, but with a much faster and easier winning mechanism. Simply scratch off the picture and reveal if you have won.

What Are Scratch Cards?

Online casino scratch cards are based on the classic land-based paper foiled version found at your local grocery store. The concept is exactly the same. They are a type of lottery game where you simply have to peel off an area to reveal an image or numbers underneath. If you have a certain number of images or numbers that match up, you win an instant prize. This is why they are sometimes referred to as instant win games.

If you are used to playing online or mobile pokies, then scratch cards will definitely appeal to your playing style. The online-based versions utilise vibrant colours, high quality graphics and entertaining sound effects to give you the most entertaining experience possible. You can think of them as static style pokies where each ticket is a type of spin of the wheel. As with mobile pokies, each card will have its own theme and design incorporating characters and familiar images for the theme.

Getting Started

All top-rated online pokies NZ sites will stock scratch cards in their gaming library. To get started, simply head to the electronic or instant win section and browse through the available options. If you like the look of something, click or tap on it and you can start playing.

The setup is very similar to what you will find on a paper ticket. In most cases you will have a simple set of 9 or 12 blocks with images hidden underneath. When you reveal what’s underneath a block by clicking or tapping on it, you reveal the image underneath. If you manage to find 3 or more of the same images, you win a prize. There is also an option to reveal all the images in one go by clicking on the “Scratch All” button. This speeds up the action, given you the freedom to play multiple tickets in a single gaming session.

How are the Results Produced?

Scratchcard pokies use random number generators to produce their results. There is no way to predict which images will appear behind a block, so every reveal can produce any result. Online casinos have come up with novel ways to design this fun and fast playing product. For example, if you are playing a farm-themed card, the setup may include three or four barns where you can click and open the doors to the barn. Inside each barn is an assortment of animals like chickens, pigs, cows, dogs, cats and sheep. If you open up a barn and find three or more of the same type of animal, you win.

Game Variations

Some online casino scratch cards use a type of Keno-style lottery system with numbers. In these games, the play button reveals set of randomly chosen numbers at the top of the screen. The blocks also have numbers underneath. If you reveal three or more of the randomly chosen numbers, you win a prize. The more numbers that match up, the bigger the prize.

Scratchcard pokies offer something for everyone and their quick and simple nature makes them a great alternative to the more complex options like Roulette and Blackjack. Plus, winning only takes a few seconds.