Santa Paws

Each game brings to the industry something unique and different the players can enjoy. During this time of the year, when it’s getting cold outside, it’s only natural you will be looking for a snowy game which will make you feel warm inside.

Santa Paws

With jingle bells during the free spins, some snow falling on the symbols, and a cute bear, you will find no better game, now that Christmas is just around the corner.

The Gamble Feature

Gamble, which is not available in every pokies game you will find, is a great feature! It enables you to enjoy the chance to double and even quadruple your win, simply by choosing the right card.

When choosing a card based on its colour (red or black), you can win 200% of the regular number of credits you usually do. This will happen if colour picked by the game’s program matched yours.

The very same thing applies to suits – you should choose one of the four suits offered, and gamble for the opportunity to win 400% of what you regularly do. In this case, if the game’s program picked the same suit you did, you will be the winner!

The Penguin Brings Some Gifts

Winter can never be thrilling enough if there isn’t a penguin somewhere around. Luckily, when playing Santa Paws Pokies, you will see the happy penguin with the gifts in his hands at least once.

If three, four or five happy penguins land on your reels, on adjacent reels, you will immediately win great prizes:

Free Spins

15 free spins will be triggered right away, enabling you to play and play, without depositing a thing for these 15 free spins. While you play these spins, all credits won will be real money credits, and will be added to your payline. The free spins mobile pokies bonus can be retriggered.


As long as the free spins are activated, you win more than what you regularly would. This means that if there is a certain number of credits granted for three of a kind, of a specific symbol, during the free spins, such combination will produce a higher payout.

How? Easily… with the multipliers! Different multipliers will be applied on your winnings during this special mode, up to 7X! Play to discover which multipliers you can enjoy!

Cash Credits

This cute penguin has got some credits for you, and you will receive them even before the free spins start! For two penguin symbols, which landed next to one another, you will win 2 credits right away. For three such symbols, 3 credits will be yours, as well as the 15 free spins. For four symbols on adjacent reels, you will receive 15 credits, and 15 free spins as well. Lastly, if you win five penguins on all five symbols, you will soon realize you also have 100 additional credits and 15 free spins!

Santa Paws – Substitution Has Never Been So Cute

The Wild symbol, that is so liked among the pokies gamblers wears two shapes in this game: of a bear, and a shark. The main feature remains similar – the Wild can replace other symbols appearing on the reels, to grant you with additional credits thanks to the better combinations that were created.

The only symbol that can never be replaced is the Scatter, which we already met as the Penguin symbol.

Santa Paws is the white bear which functions as the Wild feature during the regular game’s mode, and capable of replacing all the relevant symbols, to make your game better than ever.

Santa’s Bear Gives You Money

In addition to replacing other symbols, Santa’s Bear can also grant you with some credits, just like the penguin symbol.

For two bear symbols, you will receive 12 credits, whereas three such symbols will produce 100 credits right away. If four such symbols landed on adjacent reels, you will receive no less than 1000 credits, and finally, five such symbols will be all that you need to enjoy 4000 credits on the spot!

Rudolf – Your Savior During the Free Spins

Rudolf is the other part of the Santa Paws symbol. Although Santa Paws is not functioning as a substitute during the free spins, you are clearly not left alone over there.

Rudolf will supply all your needs, and help you enjoy additional credits, as it will take the Santa Paws place, as a super replacer! Once more, this version of the Wild symbol cannot replace the Penguin, even during the free spins.

Rudolf Gives You Money

Eager to learn how much you can win with Rudolf? Up to 1000 credits! Two Rudolf symbols will be equal to 4 credits, at the moment of truth, and three such symbols will grant you with 50. If four Rudolf symbols appear, you can be sure you are about to win 200 credits, and the last & best part is the 1000 credits prize you will be able to enjoy once you win five Rudolf symbols on all five reels!

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Play Like an Expert, Win Like an Expert

While all the mobile bonuses previously mentioned (besides the Gamble feature) are randomly triggered, there are some great features you can manipulate and control as you play the amazing Santa Paws Mobile Pokies game! Here are some of the most popular of them, which you better get to know ASAP!

Before using some of the features (the Auto Play ones, specifically), you may be required to click the Expert button, to access them.

Auto Play

Auto play is a wonderful feature which enables you to keep on playing, while, practically, do absolutely nothing! You can click one of the shortcut buttons on the screen (5X or 10X) to quickly spin the relevant number of spins offered to you.

Likewise, you can also click the Auto Play button itself to pick the exact number of spins you want to trigger as well as the method you wish the reels to stop from spinning, at some point.

You can also decide you don’t choose when the reels will stop spinning, and whenever you want to, you simply click the Stop button which will appear instead of the Spin one.


Betting lines is fun, and exciting, and now you can do that too! To bet lines, all you should do is click on the lines themselves you want to choose, and they will be marked right away! The more lines you mark the higher your bet rate gets.

Bet Max

In case you are not, yet, aware of that, there is a direct relationship between your deposit rate and your winning chances. This means, the more you deposit, the more you can win, and the less you deposit, the lower your prizes might get.

Some players use this ratio, and choose to increase their deposit rate, to maximize their winning potential, in case winning combinations will be created. For such players, Bet Max button may seem like heaven.

This is so since you only need to click this button once, and the deposit rate will be the maximal one enabled in the game (all lines will be marked, as well), and the next spin will start right away.

Coin Size and Coins

The last features you probably want to get to know, are the ones which will help you control your wagers, to your full satisfaction. These are the Coin Size and Coins features.

Coin Size is a feature which enables you to decide exactly how many credits each coin of yours will be worth. Coins is the feature you should use in order to decide how many such coins you will be using at the upcoming spins.

These two features, as well as the Lines feature can be modified during the game over and over the game. There is no limit to the number of times you can modify them.

So get yourself on over to Santa Paws Pokies for tons of fun - and wins! Enjoy!

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