The Lottery

The lottery has been around for centuries and, as it’s available online these days, is even more popular now than ever before. If you’re playing at online casinos in NZ, you may have come across a lottery section every now and then – that’s because a lottery is actually a form of gambling, as it involves numbers which are drawn for a prize, very similar to other games that you will find at a casino online. Even if you can’t find the lottery at your favourite online casino, you will find some form of it – most likely a game called Keno, which works on the same principles.

Even though some claim that the lottery dates further back, the first recorded year was in 1445, where various towns held lotteries to raise money for buildings in the town to help the poor. Almost every country has their own lottery, with the USA having state-owned lotteries. Some significant dates include November 2012, when Australia’s highest lottery prize was won of AU$112 Million; July 2011, when Europe’s largest jackpot was won (€185 Million or £161 Million), and January 2016 when the world’s largest jackpot was won in the USA Powerball – the amount was $1.586 Billion and was shared between 3 winners.

Unlike at a casino online, where you’ll get your winnings paid out in one amount, most countries will pay lottery winners over a few years, depending how big the amount  that was won. Be that as it may, you’re still a winner and will be paid, but chances are you’ll have better luck at online casinos in NZ, because the chances of winning are so much better – let’s find out how to actually play the lottery and what the probability is of winning.

How to Play

It’s actually easier to play the lottery than you think – all you need to do is to go to a shop that sells tickets and pick your numbers. Some lotteries may differ from country to country, but in most cases you will need to pick six numbers. How you pick these numbers is up to you – either choose your lucky numbers or just randomly pick six. You can also play Auto-select, where the lottery machine picks random numbers for you. Remember to work out how much you want to spend, as you can buy multiple tickets. Of course, most people think that buying more tickets will increase their chances of winning, which isn’t necessarily the case, as the lottery is purely based on luck, as are online casino games like Keno. Another thing to note is that you, of course, have to be of legal age – just like smoking, drinking and playing at a casino online, you will need to be old enough to play the lottery.

So how does the lottery work? If all six of your numbers match those drawn by the lottery on a live date and time, you will be the jackpot winner – important to note that these numbers can be in random order. There are smaller prizes for those who match five, four or three numbers, but you’re really after the big prize, aren’t you? However, the probability of you actually winning the lottery with all six number being correct, is 1 in 13,983,816. Believe it or not, though, it has happened more often than you think.

Play the Lottery

Whether you want to play the lottery by buying a ticket at a grocery store, or want to play it online, you’ll always have a great time waiting in anticipation for those numbers to roll in. Take a look at our online casinos in NZ here at to find out which ones have online lotteries available and, if not, why not try a game of Keno instead?