Why Retro Casino Games Stay So Popular

Bianca Munz | 04 January 2021

Why Retro Casino Games Stay So Popular
When looking at the type of online pokie currently released with increased frequency by some of the world’s leading iGaming studios, the message is clear: classic retro casino games remain as popular as ever before.

Logic dictates that players should be interested almost exclusively in the ongoing modernisation of the iGaming industry – cinematic effects, special animations, features inspiring admiration and awe, and everything else along those lines. Interesting, however, is that while the market certainly does demand modern games and equally modern bonus payouts and jackpots, much remains to be said for classic-style retro casino games.

Yearning For Positivity

The why, so say psychologists, has a lot to do with not only nostalgia, but also positive emotional connections.

Playing classic retro-style casino games is according to psychological health experts, more than just a trip down memory lane for those unable to let go of the past or obsessed with nostalgia and years gone by – for whatever the reason. Instead, casino games nostalgia can make people feel closer not only to their own past, but also to current relationships present in their lives – family relationships and friendships included.

From a technologically advanced point of view, pining for retro casino games makes precious little sense. Older online pokies and other games feature nowhere near the quality of features, graphics, and cutting-edge animations available to the industry today. And yet they remain very popular. And driving the movement is definitely not HD-quality graphics or a storyline that is deep or filled with serendipity and special meaning.

But at the same time, meaning is exactly what it’s all about. Just not in the way one might assume it to be.  

Retro Is Important – Here’s Why

From a psychological point of view, the appreciation of retro casino and video games falls within the category of nostalgia. It is defined as a mix of positive emotions and memories – and a pining for a return to that perceived state of being. And not surprisingly, it often has a great deal to do with connections with social relationships.

 For example, it may be that a player would feel nostalgic about a retro classic casino game because of that game hearkening from an era perceived as a simpler time – a less complicated and more enjoyable time.

Simplicity too, plays a big role. And from nostalgia experienced in the longing for simplicity, modern-day games developers may much to learn yet.

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