Relax Gaming Launches Hacksaw Scratch Cards

Bianca Munz | 23 January 2019

Relax Gaming Launches Hacksaw Scratch Cards
Relax Gaming has just announced that in a bid to expand its existing offering of scratch cards, it has called in the services of the Malta-based Hacksaw Gaming studio, who are masters of scratch cards in their own right.

Scratch and match. Most of us know the drill. It used to be matter of heading over to a local Lotto kiosk, purchasing a cardboard-like ticket with an opaque film that needed to be scratched off with a coin or something similar in order to reveal the prize. Or in some cases, no prize.

Scratch cards captivated the imaginations of many, and some people even developed elaborate superstitions, i.e. a certain time of day for purchasing the cards, scratching the film in a certain way, etc. But now that the world has gone digital, people are keen to play scratch cards online, and more and more casino operators have started to make digital scratch cards available on their sites.

 A Strong Portfolio

Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio consists of 26 different scratch card games, each with its own unique theme and features. In the world of software development, especially in the games and in the online casino industry, the focus is very much on entertainment and not doing repeatedly what has already been done to death by everyone else.

Studios like Hacksaw, that tend to operate more independently and off the grid, often offer the best possible content, and more often than not, it’s completely unique. Which is of course what the industry wants and demands.

Gaining Momentum With Relax

According to Relax Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Eskola, the decision to make use of the services and content of Hacksaw was made as a result of Relax Gaming’s own continuous efforts to provide operators with content that is new and powerful. To this end, Hacksaw Gaming’s fresh new take on scratch card development made it the perfect match in terms of a partnership.

Hacksaw’s Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Cordes, said that Hacksaw had originally been founded with scratch card development in mind. The idea has always been to revolutionise and breathe new life into this sector of the online casino. He said that the entire team was looking forward to working with a partner like Relax Gaming, and for their product to be made available on a high-momentum platform.


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