New Pets Go Wild Pokie Launches

Bianca Munz | 18 July 2019

pets go wild
A brand new pokie from SkillzzGaming has gone live, and is receiving acclaim from players the world over. The new title is called Pets Go Wild, and on the surface appears to be a simple symbol matching reel-spinning experience. But look a little deeper, and you'll find one of the most elaborate and interesting pokies in some time.

At its core, Pets Go Wild operates on a 7x7 grid. Colourful symbols of pink yarn, a green fish, a blue paw print, a yellow feather, and an orange rabbit adorn the reels. Match 3 of these symbols and they explode, allowing new symbols to fall in and occupy empty spaces. This means that multiple wins are possible on a single spin, with just 1 bet.

Added Bonus Features

As an interesting twist, the coloured symbols correlate with pet friends, each with their own meter that must be filled. Players can keep an eye on these meters, as they are located at the top of the reels.

The blue paw print is Dexter, recognisable by his explorer’s hat and red neckerchief. Each time blue symbols match, his meter fills. When the meter reaches the top, a 5x multiplier is triggered. The pink snooty pussycat beside him has her own meter, offering a 10x multiplier. Beside her is a parrot with 20x, a fish with 50x, and a rabbit with 100x.

The rules are simple; fill the bar, help the playful pet, and earn massive jackpot payouts. But this is only the start of where Pets Go Wild makes itself stand apart. The game also has total of 8 different scenarios that play out, progressing a story that unravels as the player earns wins, and fills the meters.

An Adventurous Pokie

The scenarios in Pets Go Wild move forward each time a multiplier bar is filled. The story progresses by means of the mini-game, with key events in the adventure unveiled as jackpots wins are paid out. Parker The Parrot is hiding in the haunted mansion; fill a multiplier bar to find him. Robin the Rabbit is attempting a moon jump; see if it is successful in the bonus mini-game. Eight of these stories are available, with a super-secret bonus that is unlocked by gathering events stars during the adventures.

This incredibly innovative and exciting pokie is live now at Microgaming-Quickfire, iSoftBet and Pariplay operators. Feedback so far suggests that there will be more pokies as interesting as this in the future, which aim to making spinning reels a truly next level experience.

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