New Hot Blox Online Pokie From High 5 Games

Bianca Munz | 25 November 2020

New Hot Blox Online Pokie From High 5 Games
Things are about to heat up with Hot Blox, the latest online pokie from independent iGaming studio High 5 Games. But it is immediately clear with just a glance that this isn’t any ordinary online pokie. In fact, it may just be one of the most original creations to come along in some time.

But first and foremost, Hot Blox isn’t going to be winning any awards for animations, or other special effects. The presentation, although generally good, featuring licking flames and a blazing red colour palette, is all but entirely absent of animated symbols, or mascot characters.

Instead, the game is 100% focused on a deeply engaging, and highly innovative gameplay system.

A Design Revolution

With four leafed clovers, playing cards, bells, and cherries, all the classics are here and accounted for. It isn’t breaking any new ground, but High 5 Games probably wanted players to recognise something, given how unorthodox the rest of the online pokie is.

There is no traditional grid here, and players may at first even be a touch confused. Hot Blox features a total of 9 mini-grids, each utilising no more than 2 reels, and 2 rows. These mini-grids, however, are arranged into a larger grid pattern. Now the design of the creative title starts to make a bit more sense.

Fascinatingly enough, Hot Blox operates on 2 separate levels; within each smaller grid, and in the overall, larger pattern. It is an innovation that is nothing short of genius, and once players understand how it all works, they may well just have discovered their new favourite online pokie.

Multiple Levels Of Engagement

If the 4 symbols within a block match, they create a larger block, infused with the matching symbol. Furthermore, if larger, fused blocks match on the larger grid, this pays out an additional Bonus amount. It is clever, elegant, and easy to understand.

But there is more. Around each block is a meter, and each time a win occurs, that meter will gradually fill. Finally, when the meter reaches its maximum, a modifier is awarded, and the next 4 wins in that block pay out exponentially. But, most fascinating of all, is that the meters can be pushed ever higher, until multipliers eventually reach multipliers of 100x.

Phil Welty, head of game design at High 5 Games is responsible for Hot Blox and is thrilled to be behind yet another smash hit title from the brand. The new online pokie went live on November 24th and is sure to be a smash hit.

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