Red Tiger Gaming Releases Fruit Blox Pokie

Bianca Munz | 07 November 2018

Red Tiger Gaming Releases Fruit Blox Pokie
Part of what made the old single-bar fruit machines of old so popular was the fact that it was quite easy to follow the symbols as they spun. The cherries, 7’s and BARs were filled with colour, making them easy to keep an eye on, and one could, with reasonable accuracy, tell whether you were in for a win by a certain point in the rotation. Now, Red Tiger has taken this traditional format and given it a new spin in their brand new old school, but thoroughly up date pokie, Fruit Blox.

The simple concept behind the old Fruities is what made many of us fall in love with games in the first place. Truth be told, many developers have created modern-day versions of the old fruit machines, but the similarities generally end with the types of symbols appearing on the reels. Red Tiger has changed all of that with their new release.

Connected Ways For Clarity

The pokies new game, fruit-themed of course, has been designed using Red Tiger’s very own Connected Ways concept. This means that there are no fewer than 6,000 potential ways in which to win. Any set of three symbols connected vertically or horizontally; starting from the left, result in a win. There’s no need to be memorising paytables or wondering whether a combination will actually make the winning penny drop.

The bigger the symbol-tile, the bigger the win. What’s more, Fruit Blox is no lightweight either. There are many free spins to be had, and these include the possibility of additional wild symbols being added into the mix. The result? The possibility of winning up to 10,000 x your bet!

Simple Is Appealing

According to the company’s product specialist, Carl Ejlertsson, it’s the simplicity and predictability of the game that makes it a hit. Ejlertsson said that when the game was first designed, the aim was to create something that would bring clarity back to pokies. This is why the team decided to incorporate the Connected Ways concept. The rule-set is clear and simple, making for an understandable and rewarding gaming session.

Red Tiger Gaming’s total tally of titles now amounts to more than 80 superb high-quality games. All of their games come with progressive jackpot software compatibility. Fruit Blox is bound to hit a chord with operators as well as players.


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