Mega Moolah Fast Approaching $17m Mark

Bianca Munz | 07 September 2018

Mega Moolah progressive slot
It holds the reputation, and in many ways the record, of being the progressive jackpot pokie that changes lives. It does not discriminate, and no bet is too small to trigger the magic. We’re talking, of course about Microgaming’s super popular Mega Moolah progressive jackpot pokie, the very same that has now crossed the $14.5 million threshold.

It’s fast approaching its previous record, when it paid out at an incredible $17 million! It’s the kind of windfall that is almost impossible to imagine, especially when considering that it’s not even a requirement to have been playing at maximum bet in order to hit the big one.

The More, The Merrier

Progressive pokies like Mega Moolah, operate on the premise that each time a single player engages the game, and does not win the main payout, the prize grows bigger. What’s more, the prize pools are inter-connected across an entire network, which means that the contributions to the jackpot are not accumulated from the bets of one casino’s players only. Instead, all of the Mega Moolah progressive games across an entire network contribute towards one single payout.

Another contributing factor fuelling the fire is the fact that the bigger the potential payout grows, the more players become eager to hit the big one, the more they play and the faster and ever bigger it grows.

It’s A Timeless Classic

The current $14.5 million tally is the second biggest that the jackpot has ever been, and keeping in mind that it has not yet paid out and is still accumulating, it may very well be on the fast track to breaking the record as it currently stands, which is $17 million.

Mega Moolah follows a golden strategy. It’s one of the pokies to have been around for the longest time, and enjoys record popularity. Despite the fact that it’s not exactly cinematic by nature, it’s in the habit or making millionaires out of ordinary players. At the end of the day, that is why we play: to have fun and to win the big one!

2015 was the year that Mega Moolah reached the $17 million mark, and Jonathan Heywood was the lucky beneficiary of the biggest payout to date. It’s exciting to wait and see who will be next. If you’re playing, it could be you!


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