Why Are Online Slots NZ Called Online Pokies In New Zealand And Australia?

Bianca Munz | 08 April 2021

The Best Real Money & Free Pokies Guide Online
Real money and free pokies are more popular in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world. These games got their start in land-based casinos and have successfully made the transition to the online world, and on to mobile.

Although they were initially illegal in the 1900’s, they were legalised in New South Wales in 1956, and the industry exploded thereafter. By 1999 there were over 5 times more pokies machines Down Under than in the USA.

Called slots everywhere else in the world, the name pokies has no definite origin, but there are a few theories about it. One of them is that it’s derived from Poker Machines, due to the Poker card symbols on the reels. Players would say they were going for a round of pokies, and the informal term soon became adopted as the official local name.

Another theory is that players used to poke the machines to make them payout coins, and the name came from this poking action!

Top Online Pokies By Category

When choosing the best online casino NZ sites for real money and free pokies, we’ve done the hard graft for you. We look for sites that are licensed, regulated and safe and secure. Then we check the bouses, support, banking options and game variety. Only the online casino NZ sites that score highly in all areas make it on to our list.

When selecting the top casinos to play pokies at, our selections were simple.

Spin Casino takes the prize as the top pokies site overall, and it’s also the best paying. JackpotCity is the casino responsible for awarding the most 8 figure jackpots, so if you’re looking for a life changing win rather than free slots NZ action, they are tops.

Lucky Vegas wins for the best bonuses to boost your pokies bankroll, and LeoVegas is miles ahead for always featuring the latest, greatest games as they hit the web. If you love pokies and live casino games, then Dream Vegas is at the top of the list.

Finding the Best Pokies

With so many online casino NZ sites all offering an incredible array of dazzling free pokies games, it can be hard to decide what to play. That’s why our team of experts takes the time to review casinos and the games they have to offer.

Before you sign up at one of the recommended sites it’s also suggested that you know more about the types of pokies you can play online.

Classic reel pokies have 3 reels, 1 payline and minimal bonus features and are based on the original version of the game. Their reels have traditional symbols such as bells, fruit, bars and lucky number 7s.

Video pokies have 5 or more reels, numerous paylines or Ways To Win and an abundance of bonus features. They have superb graphics, stunning animations and rich storylines.

Progressive Jackpot pokies can be either classic or video pokies, and they have a prize pool that grows with every real money bet placed. They are therefore not ideal as free slots NZ. These prize pools grow to huge sums and are won when a lucky player hits the jackpot at random or triggers a specific event sequence.

At most online casino NZ sites you can play pokies for free or real money, but if you place real money bets, you stand a chance of winning!

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