Celebrating Good Friday & Easter In New Zealand

Bianca Munz | 11 April 2022

Good Friday and Easter are high days on the Christian calendar, but in New Zealand they’re also holidays that anyone can celebrate. This year, Good Friday falls on the 15th of April, followed by Easter Sunday on the 17th, and Easter Monday on the 18th.


But the dates for these special days don’t stay the same every year. They’re determined by a calculation called computus – the Latin for computation. This calculation is based on the first Sunday after the full moon, and that determines the day that Easter is celebrated.


The Origins of Good Friday

According to Christian beliefs, Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crucified. While many may wonder why this is deemed ‘good” the answer is simple. His crucifixion led to his resurrection and his victory over sin. This day is preceded by Lent, a time of fasting when Christian’s give up something they enjoy in order to show repentance for their sins. Very few people fast completely from sunrise to sunset, but there are some who still do so.

Eggy Easter banner

In New Zealand, a large number of Catholics go to church on Good Friday as it is considered one of the most holy days of the year. Many local churches hold prayer vigils and special services over this time to mark the occasion. For other New Zealanders this Friday marks the start of a four day weekend, and many people take the opportunity to sit back and relax, spend time with family or enjoy a short getaway.


Common Easter Weekend Activities


We all know about egg hunts and eating lots of chocolate, but what about other significant activities that Kiwi’s enjoy over this period? For one, many people love eating hot cross buns. These spiced buns are symbolic as they have a cross on top that’s meant to signify the cross Christ was crucified on. The spices used signify those used to embalm Jesus after his death, so those hold special meaning too.


Another activity Kiwi’s enjoy over the Easter weekend is playing online pokies. These games are a national pastime, and what better way to enjoy four days off than to play responsibly while trying to land a big win? Or you can simply play free slots if you prefer – they’re just as much fun!


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