A Guide To Enjoying Free Slots NZ Today

Bianca Munz | 13 April 2021

A Guide To Enjoying Free Slots NZ Today
New Zealand players love pokies, of that there is no question. Who doesn’t enjoy spinning the reels, and taking a shot at some big payouts? But, some players are unaware that free slots NZ exist. Yes, that means that the games can be played, and enjoyed, at no cost. As it turns out, most online casinos offer free pokies, some of which can even be downloaded. But how does it work?

Many New Zealand sites offer free slots NZ as a way for players to familiarise themselves with the games. If simply visiting the casino, and tapping or clicking on a desired game, a free mode will be initiated. Most of the time an account does not even have to be created. Alternatively, a Free Spins no deposit bonus may also be granted, meaning that the Free Spins can even be used to win real money. However, this money will come with wagering requirements that must be met before the cash may be withdrawn.

With that being said, it is always a good idea for a player to read the terms and conditions before accepting any promotional bonuses and other special offers.

Playing For Real Money

It is easy to play free slots NZ, but what about when switching over to real money play?

It is firstly recommended that players become familiar with the different types of pokies. There are the standard type, which offer a shot at fixed jackpots. Then there are progressive jackpot versions, which are similar, but offer enormous life changing jackpots for the lucky few. Don’t forget about the classics, which keep things simple, and stick to the style of the retro fruit games of the past.

Once the reel spinning starts, it is strong recommended that players be smart with their bets, and are careful with their funds. As already said, free slots NZ are available so that a game can be tested before a cent is spent.

Start Spinning Now

Now that you’re familiar with free pokies, and how they work, you can get started right away. Remember that you don’t even need an account to spin the reels, and that once free mode is active a base amount of virtual currency will be provided. This means that all the features of a pokie will be available, but no real transactions of any kind will happen.

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