Demand for Professional Cuddling Soars

Bianca Munz | 17 July 2018

Healing power of a hug
Study after study has proved that touch therapy has truly remarkable health benefits. This alternative form of therapy, which focuses on the healing power of platonic human touch, has been shown to have merit in treating loneliness, anxiety, stress and even depression, all by replacing feelings of isolation with platonic but caring interaction. It’s in our DNA as well; humans are naturally social creatures, and require a certain amount of physical touch and care to thrive.

The proposed benefits of therapeutic touch have in turn given rise to a whole new industry: professional cuddling. There are now hundreds of services like that offer completely platonic companionship services for people who would like to try to harness the healing power of human touch.

Along with snuggling services, many companies are also aiming to assail loneliness by offering companionship for those who do not wish to go to venues, family events or work functions alone. These companionship experiences – which are much like platonic escort services – are on offer primarily because companies are beginning to realise that going out is just more fun with good company, and even if you’re just playing slots, doing so with someone by your side can add to the fun. Of course, loneliness also has proven negative impacts on physical and mental health, which could also be remedied by the help of a professional cuddler.

A Cure for Modern Loneliness

Although such an industry could be considered strange, it is actually in very high demand. An increased reliance on technology and mobile devices has improved our lives in many ways, but it has also created an epidemic of isolation and loneliness in people of all ages. A professional service offering company and platonic physical interaction could be just the ticket to help the victims of this epidemic, while also being useful for the elderly, those in long-term hospital care, and a number of other situations in which companionship is called for.

With the rise of the #MeToo movement and an increase in physical boundaries, our culture has also become one that is somewhat starved of touch. The professional cuddling industry directly targets this phenomenon, while still being fully driven by consent to ensure that all parties feel comfortable at all times. Rules are always established by professionals and their clients beforehand, and nothing takes place without prior verbal consent.

Plusses of paying for companionship Safe, Comfortable and Personal Services

In fact, the websites that offer such services have clear-cut rules about every facet of the experience. Cuddlers may not discriminate against anyone due to their ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation, and things must be kept strictly platonic at all times. Any potential danger is minimised by strict but necessary regulation to ensure that all parties are safe and comfortable at every step of the journey.

The services on offer are also remarkably personalised. Many professional cuddlers give their clients an initial phone call to get to know them and their needs before any paid sessions commence. The sessions themselves can also be steered in any way (non-romantic, of course!) that the client wants, including massage, snuggling, hugs, handholding and more. The professionals are also incredibly diverse, ranging from caring mothers to older individuals who believe in the healing power of touch.

The Goal of Snuggling Services

The aim of many of these professionals, by their own words, is for their clients to learn how to express themselves and their desires so that when they finally have real relationships with others (romantic or otherwise) they have learnt the skill of communicating their needs honestly and without shame.

Naturally, the prevention of loneliness for people of all walks of life and the numerous health effects of cuddling – including lower blood pressure, decreased risk of adverse heart events, and improvement for insomnia – are also a major part of why professional cuddling is on the rise on a global scale.

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