Australian Gamblers Prefer NZ As a Gambling Destination

Bianca Munz | 07 July 2021

Australian Gamblers Prefer NZ As a Gambling Destination
Australia is a globally respected country for sure, with many tourists traveling to Aussie shores for a number of reasons. But in this free spins NZ news we investigate an interesting anomaly; many Australians prefer to do their gambling in New Zealand.

History Of Local Gambling Laws

The key moment in New Zealand gambling came about in 1908. This is when the region adopted the Gambling Act, which revolutionised the industry. It allowed punters to place bets on horse racing and other events. Flash forward to today and New Zealanders are allowed to engage in online gambling as well, though aren’t restricted to just free spins NZ. Real money online gambling is allowed, assuming that the operator is not based within local borders.

Aus And NZ Online Casinos

With the New Zealand Gambling Act changed in 2003, locals are allowed to play free spins NZ, as well as win real money online NZ, as long as the operator is foreign. Australia is still struggling with a complicated relationship with online forms of gambling. Online casinos are illegal in the country. Australians explicitly may not win money online according to the Casino Control Act of 2006. However, due to the nature of the regulations, Australians can make an account with an operator based overseas. But this is only if they are able; many companies will simply not allow an Aussie to even access their site.

Land-Based Operations

In New Zealand land-based gambling is allowed, and it is regulated under the 2003 Gambling Act. The interesting fact is that new licenses are only granted explicitly by the local gambling commission.

On the other hand, Australians are known to be the biggest gambling nation in the world. However, each area in the country has its own specific regulations, which can be confusing to locals for a number of reasons.

Aussies Prefer NZ

Australians would rather do their gambling with their neighbours due to the free spins NZ bonuses, special offers, and other great promotional deals. At home Aussies generally have to rely on physical pokies for their gambling entertainment, which are games that aren’t based around skill. Simply put, Aussies lost approximately $1100 per capita in 2014, while their neighbours comparatively only lost around $600.

These benefits, combined with the proper licensing and player protection enjoyed by their neighbours, mean that Aussies would rather go next door to gamble.

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