Aristocrat Reaps Rewards In 2018

Bianca Munz | 10 December 2018

Many operators and suppliers perceive North America to be the new promised land. And looking at casino hardware and games supplier Aristocrat Leisure Limited, we cannot help to think that there is a great deal of merit to that statement. Aristocrat recently released its financial statements for the year leading up to September 30th, and posted record results for the North American as well as the Australia - New Zealand markets.

A 34% rise in profit after taxes and before amortization is nothing to smirk at and is expected to go a long way towards inspiring renewed investor confidence. The profits posted for the year, on the premise mentioned earlier, came to an impressive AUD729.6 million. Last year’s figure for the same period was considerably lower at AUD543.4.

Digital Has Much To Do With It

What’s more, the improvement in profits now shows across the board. North American land-based business performance, Australia – New Zealand performance, a major surge in profits in the digital division; you name it, and we’ll show you a new record figure.

Acquisitions too, have played a huge role in overall organic growth. Operating revenue was at an all time high, clocking in at a record AUD3.62 billion, which is a 47.7% increase when compared to last year’s figure for the same period.

Outperforming The Market

Chief Executive Officer of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, Trevor Croker, vocalised what everyone else was thinking when he said that the most amazing aspect of all was the fact that the company had outperformed the previous year by a landslide amidst increasing market pressure and competition.

Croker described the market backdrop as having been mostly flat and mired in more companies wanting to get on board than what the industry could carry. Not exactly a very conducive market platform as far as growth and expansion are concerned.

The company report noted that much of the profit hike could be put down to crucial acquisitions. Investments in human resources as well as actively growing its digital offering have resulted in a nearly five-fold growth rate of the company’s daily active users. The magic figure is reported to currently stand at 8.1 million.

Croker concluded by saying that the company anticipated even further growth in 2019.


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