Amazon’s Smart Doorbell

Bianca Munz | 30 May 2018

Amazon buys in to Ring
A home automation system is a valuable and very useful addition to any busy life. Home automation systems aren’t gimmicks or something to do to pass the time. They ultimately increase the value of the house and includes everything from smoke and fire detection devices to professional security monitoring.

Leading online retailer Amazon has recently announced that it has officially bought into the home automation market, and more specifically, home security market by agreeing to buy video doorbell manufacturer, Ring. The deal was reportedly sealed for a cool $1billion, a price tag that Amazon has yet to confirm, and a sum that many online casino enthusiasts dream of winning just a portion of!

Analysts agree the deal most probably forms part of Amazon’s bid to increase its hold on the effective delivery of online orders into the safety of its customers’ homes. What’s more, Ring is a popular consumers’ brand and Amazon is all about consumers and the sales that follow.

Keeping It Fresh

Research analyst Colin Sebastian is of the opinion that the deal has much to do with the online retailer’s aggressive move into the fresh produce and grocery delivery market. Ring, in conjunction with Amazon Key, Amazon’s smart lock and camera system that allows its delivery personnel to deliver gadgets and food to the inside of a customer’s home without the customer being present, makes perfect security delivery sense and is in many ways, a match made in heaven.

Breaking Into New Markets

Besides being a perfect fit for Amazon Key, Ring is a valuable security product in its own right. Its acquisition is regarded as the retailer’s first steps towards home A smart doorbellautomation and other advanced technology systems.

What’s more, Ring can fully integrate with Amazon’s voice-controlled digital assistant, Alexa. For example, a user may request Alexa to provide a view of their front door via Ring’s integrated camera system.

The visual may be requested from a remote location away from the home, after which the feed will be transmitted directly to the user’s smart mobile device.

Amazon is now officially in the position to completely revolutionise home security, and having the immense buying power that it does, it can afford to do so at a fraction of the cost offered by its closest competitors.

Ring’s camera technology is far superior to a physical security presence. Notwithstanding the fact that an automated security system cannot be corrupted in any way. Amazon already has close to 100 million Prime members, which makes for a very large highly receptive existing market. This would practically apply to almost any new project taken on by the retailer, due to the nature of its prime business, which is sales. The product becomes almost irrelevant, as the target market is already interested and looking.

With the situation around home security being what it is and the need for more advanced measures of safeguarding being ever on the rise, security systems can be fully integrated with home automation systems make up a market that has in no way yet been saturated.

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