The Entropay Virtual Visa card makes it easy and convenient to manage all of your online casino banking activities. PC and mobile gamers can rely on Entropay online wallet which is one of the most popular online banking methods in the world. EntroPay is a high-performance online payment solution that empowers merchants and consumers to send and receive money instantly - with just a few clicks.

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The EntroPay Bank Transfer service and Virtual Visa card give users access to their funds 24/7 so they can use the money that's been loaded onto their Entropay card at their leisure. Thanks to the Virtual prepaid Visa card, anyone, anywhere in the world, can make instant online payments and withdrawals in the currency of their choice.

Easy eBanking

The Entropay Virtual Visa card makes transferring funds fast, simple and cost effective. Entropay account functions as a prepaid account. As soon as you register you'll receive a Virtual Visa card which you can then use to make online payments for goods and services in any of the millions of locations where Visa is accepted.

To use your Entropay Virtual Visa card, load funds onto the card via your regular debit or credit card. You can track your transactions online using your 16 digit card number and a CVV number. Then, you can begin to make your deposits at the casino for any of your preferred games, including table games, card games, lotteries or pokies with free spins, at your convenience.

Getting Started

Thanks to the EntroPay Fast Registration process, you can receive your Virtual Visa card with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once you start to use your card, you can access your account from any location via a PC or mobile device.

Opening an account is free. To begin the process of opening an account, fill out the registration form, providing your contact information and basic personal information (name, birth date and contact details). You'll also be asked a "secret question" for identification purposes. Enter the details of the debit/credit card that you want to link to your Entropay account. The card will be issued immediately and you can begin to conduct your online banking transactions via your Entropay Virtual Visa card.

Advantages of Entropay

Many people ask "what are the advantages of using Entropay? Why can't I just use my regular bank Visa?

For one thing, the Entropay Virtual Visa card is one of the most convenient ways to process online transactions. Registration is fast and easy and involves no credit check. In addition, your online Entropay transactions are not linked to your regular bank account. So if you want to keep your gaming activities separate from your regular banking activities, Entropay offers the best and easiest solution.

Because Entropay is a prepaid Visa, it's supported worldwide, anywhere that regular bank Visas are accepted.

Using an Entropay card for your casino gambling allows you to control your gaming budget for efficiently. You can only use the funds that have been loaded onto your Entropay card, so you won't go into debt. If you're serious about sticking to your bankroll while you gamble, Entropay is the online banking solution for you.

Safety and Security

When you use Entropay you can rely on Entropay's reputation as a safe and secure method of online banking. Since the card is prepaid, you can only spend what has been loaded onto the card, so there's no credit risk. Your personal information and credit card details are not shared with anyone and the card and all transactions are fully secured with 128-bit encryption tools. In this way, private information such as registration data and financial transactions are encoded in an unreadable text which is transferred from your computer or mobile device to the Entropay system and then back to you.

We have invested years of experience and research into making sure EntroPay protects you.

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NZ Bank Support

You can also connect your personal NZ bank account to your Entropay account. This feature allows you to use cash to make payments, withdraw funds from your Entropay Virtual Visa card via an ATM, move money between your accounts, all the while enjoying protection from unauthorized transactions.

Bank transactions are not immediate, as are the card transactions. But they offer a useful option for deposits and withdrawals, thus giving you greater access to your money. Entropay provides all of the needed SWIFT and iBAN codes that allow you to easily link the two accounts.

Multi-Currency Support

Entropay supports the New Zealand Dollar, making it a convenient digital banking alternative that enables you to deposit your funds and withdraw your winnings in NZD. Via Entropay, you can also use your payouts for any online or offline purchases of goods or services anywhere in the world.

Entropay automatically facilitates the currency conversions in such purchases. The Currency Converter allows you to access the exact total that will be charged to your personal debit or credit card before you deposit the funds in your Entropay account.

Entropay supports 14 separate currencies. You can change the total or the selected currency based on your needs and expectations. This means that you don't have to guess at the amount that will appear on your credit card or bank statement. Additionally, the exchange rate is locked in when you complete your transaction, so even if the exchange rate fluctuates in the coming days or weeks, your payment is complete.

Entropay is the preferred online banking solution for casino gamers around the world. The New Zealand online casino supports Entropay which interfaces with local NZ banking institutions and credit cards. Throughout NZ merchants accept Entropay prepaid Visa Card payments for online and offline purchases, making it the preferred method for NZ gamers who can use Entropay to gamble on their home PC computer at the Download Casino, on any Internet browser at the Flash Casino or on their smartphone or mobile device at the Mobile Casino.

Online Casinos with Entropay

Given its convenience and safety, Entropay continues to be a popular payment option for plenty of people who enjoy playing at online casinos. JackpotCity is an example of an online gaming destination that offers Entropay as a payment method, so if great games and fun promotions are your kind of thing, then why not check out JackpotCity. New members are eligible for an exciting welcome offer, so it’s worth a visit.


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