ClickandBuy is an online “Ewallet” style banking service that offers many unique and helpful features to New Zealand customers. And though it is being discontinued as of April 30, 2016, if you’re a current customer you can still use the service in a great number of different great ways including for online casino banking.

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Company History

The company was founded in Cologne in 1999 by First Gate Internet AG. The company acquired its current name in 2006 when it was bought by ClickandBuy International Limited. The company continued in this form until 2010 when it was bought by Deutsche Telekom AG.

However, Deutsche Telekom has announced that ClickandBuy deposit method will terminate its services on April 30, 2016. Customers cannot add money or change information after January 5, 2016.

There is, however, a window for current New Zealand customers to use their accounts in online casino banking. If you already have an account with ClickandBuy and your payment information is correct at this moment, free spins and bonuses may still be acquired by depositing at any of the reputable Microgaming Jackpot Factory Group casinos (All Slots, Wild Jack and All Jackpots) before the deadline of April 30, 2016. In fact, if you sign up for any of these casinos before the deadline, you will be eligible for over $1600 New Zealand in matching deposit bonuses at each of the above-mentioned casinos.

ClickandBuy Ewallet Service

There are a number of interesting features to consider when using ClickandBuy. Firstly, ClickandBuy is not a bank and does not act as a trustee, fiduciary or escrow holder in regards to your funds. The system is rather an electronic money service, or “Ewallet” providing an account that stores monetary value. One consequence of this is that you cannot collect interest on your account. That said, the system works a great deal with a bank. You can use your money at any time for anything you choose, such as fabulous fun at reputable online casino gaming sites such as All Slots, Wild Jack and All Jackpots casinos, and you can also withdraw your money at any time.

Ultimate Privacy

If you want to use ClickandBuy without setting up an account you can use a guest account service. There is no login feature to such an account and therefore there is no transaction history or normal online functionality. What you do gain is the ability to make single transactions. In this transaction, you will have to post the money required to make the transaction. Any extra money will be redeemed to the method of payment.

This can be an especially useful feature for those who want to gamble privately. Although customers who do not share their personal details with the provider will not be protected under the same provisions as those who do, gamers who wish to preserve their anonymity will find this feature especially useful.

That said, there are two sides to every coin, and customers are well-advised to carefully protect their ClickandBuy account details. You -and only you- may use your account, any use of your details by another person will be considered as payments made by you and you will be responsible any transactions they complete.

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Buyer Protection

A major benefit from the service is the buyer protection rights. This protects you in the case of buying certain types of goods. If you have made such a purchase and the goods have not been delivered within the relevant time frame than you can apply for reimbursement. The company will first try to resolve the issue with the merchant, but if all else fails then you can count on ClickandBuy to have your back and reimburse the funds.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about receiving fraudulent goods and services when it comes to casino gaming at All Slots, Wild Jack and All Jackpots online casinos. With these well-known and reputable brands, you are protected twice: once by the ClickandBuy service and once by the casinos themselves.

ClickandBuy also has some of the best security standards in the business. It is PCI DSS compliant, implementing the highest standards in the credit business. Moreover, the data security company McAfee is on hand to verify the security of the site. Very few firms take on such a high and well-known standard of security.

As part of the security of the ClickandBuy deposit method, authentication is also sometimes required. This often takes the form of a small credit or reservation from the particular payment method. This helps ensure the security of your account. The catch is that sometimes you might incur a small charge for this service, but the benefit is that you know your ClickandBuy account is being verified with the highest standards of the industry.

Safety Measures

As you can see, those savvy New Zealanders with accounts right now can enjoy the outstanding features of ClickandBuy deposit method, including the excellent security. But as with any online casino banking service, users are advised to use prudence. Users cannot use it for unlicensed online gaming. This means New Zealand gamers may only use it at reputable gaming sites that have all the necessary licenses, such as industry leaders All Slots, Wild Jack, and All Jackpots casinos.

Further, while the service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, users should note, you may not always be under the jurisdiction of UK regulations. When you use your account in New Zealand, a jurisdiction outside of the United Kingdom, you are subject to the regulations of New Zealand, and not the United Kingdom.

This holds true when you use ClickandBuy to play online casino games - you are subject to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction under which the casino gaming site is registered. You must be careful then to the only game at internationally recognized sites safety certified by third party regulators such as ECogra - sites such as All Slots, All Jackpots and Wild Jack casinos.


ClickandBuy is a leading New Zealand online Ewallet firm that is sadly closing its doors this coming April 2016. But until this happens, customers may use their existing funds for online casino banking at leading casinos such as All Slots Casino, Wild Jack Casino and All Jackpots Casino. New customers at any of these sites may use their ClickandBuy accounts to gain fabulous signup bonuses and free spins - worth over $1600 NZ at each site, so don’t delay - hurry over and use your ClickandBuy balance today!!!