Free Spins Wins for Real Money

The free spins round that is included as part of many pokies games take you beyond your basic, regular game earnings and move you into the realm of big bonus payouts. As soon as you activate your machine's free spins no deposit win real money round, your deposit expands to cover these new free spins. Now, instead of simply earning the reward from your regular game spin, you can reap more free spins wins with real money payouts with no requirement to add extra deposits.

It's definitely worthwhile to play pokies that feature free spins rounds!

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Average Payout Time
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Average Payout Time:
1 - 2 days
  • NZ$ $1600 welcome offer Bonus
Lucky Vegas
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Average Payout Time:
1 - 5 days
  • NZ$100 + 100 Free Spins Bonus
Lucky creek
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Average Payout Time:
1 - 3 days
  • Creek 50 Free spins on Well Oil Be + 500% up to $1500 Bonus
Dream Vegas
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Average Payout Time:
1 - 3 days
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Spin Casino
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1 - 3 days
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Up until the '90s, most slot machines were basic "spin and win" machines with three reels and a limited number of paylines. Today, those pokies are called "Classic Slots" because they offer a basic, classic slots experience in which the winning payouts resulted from matching symbols across enabled paylines. In the modern NZ online casino, the newest and most popular pokies are the video slots. In video slots the players have multiple opportunities to win on both activated paylines and unactivated pay ways, multiply their payouts, add wins from interactive game elements and achieve free spins no deposit real money success.

Free slot machines with free spins can be found on any online casino gambling platform, including at the Download Casino on laptop or desktop PC downloaded software, at the Flash Casino on any Internet browser and at the Mobile Casino on smartphone or tablet gaming devices.

To play these pokies with free spins, all the gamer needs to do is to sign into his casino account and open the games lobby. Each pokie is featured with a summary of the game where the game's features are listed. You'll be able to ascertain whether the game is a 243 Ways to Win game, what the game's theme involves and which elements are included in the game. If the game features a free spins round you can access that information. The inclusion of free spins offers extra chances for gamers to earn payouts. That makes these types of games a good choice for gamers who want to win significant real money prizes.


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Free Spins

Playing a pokie that includes a free spins round makes a big difference in the results of the game. Free spins mean the difference between taking home basic, regular payouts and collecting those regular earnings PLUS big bonus payouts.

Casino advisors suggest that gamers identify pokies with free spins when they choose their game. It's obvious that having a machine which offers you no deposit spins with real money prizes is the best option.

To activate a pokies free spins round, you need to achieve a pre-determined number of "triggers" – generally, scatter symbols – on a regular game spin. As soon as you activate the free spins round, the regular game pauses and the free spins round begins.

In some pokies you are presented with a pre-determined number of free spins. In other games, the number of free spins is determined by the sum of scatter symbols that occurred on the reels when the free spins game was triggered. The winning payout is based on the number of coins that you bet on the regular game spin that activated the free spins round. So, for instance, if you bet 5 coins on a regular game spin and that spin triggered the free spins round, your payout on your free spins will be set according to the 5 coins that you initially bet.

In many of the pokies, multipliers are applied to free spin wins. These multipliers multiply your payout. If you are playing a game with a free spins multiplier of 4, and your free spins round was triggered by the regular game spin with the 5 coin bet, all of your free spin wins will be multiplied by 4, giving you winning payouts of 20 coins on each free spins win.

Some pokies feature free spin rounds that can be retriggered. In such a case, when the requisite number of scatters appear on the reels during a free spin. the new free spin tally is added to the remaining free spin sum for your new free spin total.


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Casino Pokies

Today's pokies include a wide variety of themes, elements, features and challenges. You have your choice of simple "spin and win" slots in which you'll find a limited number of special elements featured. Alternately, you can find a game that allows you to experience multiple entertaining elements that offer a more challenging casino event for a more exciting interactive pokies adventure. Some of these extra features include wild reels, stacked reels, cascading symbols, scatter combination payouts, rolling reels, exploding symbols and, of course, free spins.

You can also choose a pokie that is centred around a plot that matches your personal interest or fantasy. Slot machine themes include story lines of intrigue, mythology, history, science fiction, travel, mysticism, romance, humour, sports, magic, animals, mystery and more.

There are also the new "243 Ways to Win" pokies in which all completed formations pay out real money prizes. You don't have to enable paylines in 243 Ways to Win game since there are no paylines. All matching symbols line up side-by-side on pay ways with the first symbol on the left-most reel. There is no need to check whether symbols appear on the top, middle or bottom of the reel in a 243 Ways to Win game since all symbols are included in completed combinations, regardless of the pattern on the reel.

You can find additional bonus and gamble rounds when you play pokies at the NZ online casino. Don't forget to check the casino's bonus promotions which boost your winnings even higher. The casino automatically applies some of these bonuses to your gambling activities including a Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Points. Some of the other bonuses, including monthly contests and seasonal draws, require that you opt into the activity.

When you play pokies at the NZ online casino you have endless opportunities to take advantage of Free Spins Win Real Money games.

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