Guide to Keno, Pokies and Other Top Games

Online pokies are without a doubt the most popular casino games in New Zealand. However, there is endless variety out there to discover as well! If you like your games easy to learn, simple to understand and straightforward to play, then Keno, pokies and Video Poker are some great options for you to explore.

With that said, today we will be focusing on Keno, and what exactly it is. Starting at the beginning, this classic lottery-style pastime has origins that are shrouded in mystery, so nobody knows exactly where it originated. However, most historians and gambling experts have pinpointed its home to be in Ancient China, with some even believing that funds it generated were used to help build the Great Wall of China!

Many years later, when Chinese citizens began to venture across the ocean to other parts of the world, their favourite game travelled with them to the United States, where it quickly spread further afield. Since then, it has become a classic addition to land-based and online casinos alike, alongside other smash hits like free slots NZ. In fact, the game’s format has even been used for countless national lotteries across the globe; so prevalent is its popularity among modern punters.

How to Play Online and On Land

One of the best features of Keno, pokies and similar games is the fact that they offer very simple rules that almost anyone can master. Each round begins with a ticket or card that has spaces for numbers from 1-80. Depending on how many tickets you choose to play, you simply need to mark between one and twenty numbers on your card at your leisure – or, when playing online, you can also choose different betting options that focus more on the placement of your numbers than the digits themselves.

Once the tickets are marked and your bets are placed, a draw will take place. Here, 20 random numbers are selected, either from a selection of 80 balls or using Random Number Generation technology, much like is used in online pokies. These winning numbers are revealed to players, who must check their tickets for winning combinations. Your online casino will automatically deposit your winnings into your casino account, while if you are playing on land, you will need to visit the cashier booth in order to redeem your prizes.

Your Odds of Winning

The odds of winning in Keno differ considerably depending on how many numbers you play. When you select 20 digits on your card, the best odds you can look forward to are about 1 in 4.287. If you choose 7 digits, your winnings odds stand at 1 in 8.826, and this increases to about 1 in 20.055 for getting 8 hits in a round.

The slimmest odds in this game are for a perfect score, meaning that all 20 numbers you chose come up in the draw. The chances of this happening are a tiny 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800 (or 3.5 quintillion) – hence why many players choose free slots NZ instead! However, you can’t win if you don’t try – and your odds of getting at least one number right are still temptingly high.

For those who want to get a bit more involved in Keno, pokies and the likes, there are also a couple of betting variations in play to keep you engaged. Keno games traditionally offer a number of different wagers, including Straight, Combination, and Top/Bottom bet types. There are many different NZ guides available online that teach you more about these wager types, and many of the best online casinos also offer comprehensive tutorials on the free slots NZ has to offer, and much more!