No Deposit Bonus Online Pokies vs. Free Spins

If you are looking at your online casino options, the chances are you are weighing up the different welcome, no deposit bonus pokies, and free spins packages on offer. While these promotions shouldn’t really be the deciding factor on where you choose to play, it can make a huge difference to your bankroll if you know how to use it properly. So, the question is, which type of reward should you look at first? For online pokies, you might want free spins, but it also might be worth your while taking a no deposit bonus. If you can’t decide, here is the lowdown on what you can expect from each so you can make an informed decision.

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No Deposit Bonuses

If you are not quite ready to make the leap into real money gambling, then a no deposit bonus is the way to go. It is important to note that not all sites offer these promotions, so you might have to do a bit of searching. These are specifically designed for players who want a small taste of the real thing without the risk. To claim your no deposit bonus pokies reward, you first have to sign up for a new account.

Upon registration you will be rewarded with a small cash sum, usually around $10 or $20. You can then use this “free cash” to play as many games as you can get your hands on for as long as your credits last. If you do manage to win though, you are required to make a deposit and complete the obligatory playthrough requirements before you can cash out any winnings.

Free Spins Bonus Pokies

Free spins bonus pokies work slightly differently. There are some casinos that do offer them just for signing up, but the majority of establishments hand them out only after you have made your first deposit. In some cases, they are added on to your main welcome package and in other cases, you can choose to take the entire incentive in the form of free spins. If are really into online pokies, this is the best way to go.

Free spins are exactly as they sound. Every time you hit the spin button on your favourite machine, this is classed as a spin, as long as you are playing for real money. If you get 200 spins, you can hit the button 200 times. There are some provisions however.

Unlike cash rewards, free slots NZ casinos restrict your rewards to certain games. This is not altogether a bad thing as they tend to be the hottest games on the market. You are also restricted to a particular bet level and coin value to minimise any winnings you may incur. Finally, if you do manage to win, you still have to complete set wagering requirements before you can withdraw any cash.

Which is Better?

Now that we have covered what each promotional deal entails, which one is better? If you enjoy playing online pokies and you are confident you will be making a deposit at some point, we suggest skipping the no deposit bonus altogether and going straight in for the welcome package with free spins. At least this way you will only have one set of wagering requirements to complete instead of two.

However, if you are not sure if you will like the casino or the way the games are played, then it may be better to grab your no deposit bonus pokies reward, play for a bit and see how things pan out. If you end up winning big, you can clear your requirements and still have some cash left over to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wagering requirements with free spins and bonuses?

Wagering requirements are specific to the casino and bonus offers available. 40x wagering limits are the average but depending on the size of the bonus they may go up to 70x or higher.

Can I win more with free bonuses or free spins?

There’s no sure answer to this. It depends on the casino, the bonus, the free spins and the terms and conditions attached.

Can I play for longer with casino bonuses?

This depends on the size of the bonus and the games you are using it on. If you use your bonus and place very low bets, you can stretch it as far as possible.

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