Boost Your Wins With The Best Cash Spin Offers

If you’re interested in learning about and taking maximum advantage of the best cash spin offers at online casinos in New Zealand, keep reading. We’ve got all the details you need right here.

What Are Cash Spins?

Online casino cash spins in New Zealand are a form of free spins that are given to players as bonuses. They are different to no deposit games, because while both situations allow for free turns of the reels, No Deposit or Demo Mode pokies do not allow you to keep what you win.

You’re also not required to perform any other action, such as making a deposit of your own, to activate the free rounds in Demo Mode. In addition, you have more choice regarding what No Deposit game you want to play. The casino usually stipulates which pokies you can use your real money free spins on.

They are different to the Free Spins Bonus Rounds seen within pokies, too. While those are triggered and operated by the game software, the best cash spin offers are awarded by the casino that you’re playing at.

Are There Playthrough Requirements?

The really exciting news is that there are no Playthrough Requirements on the best cash spin offers. You’ll be able to claim your wins whenever you wish to!

Accessing Cash Spins

Once you’ve done whatever was required to activate your spins, you can access and use them simply by playing the game that they apply to. To check how many you have, go to your account balance information. The spin amount is usually listed as a separate entry under your bonus funds.

Cash Spins FAQs

When Are Cash Spins Awarded?

Some of the best cash spin offers are given to players when they sign up at new casino, before they’ve even made a deposit. Generally the number of turns you get here is quite small, since there literally are no strings attached to them.

The spins can also be given with any kind of bonus. When you make a deposit into your player account, recruit new members, or play within certain time frames or on particular days, you could easily be given real money free spins as part or all of your reward.

Are There Limits to How Much I Can Win?

Yes, most deals on online casino cash spins in New Zealand set limits to how much money you can win per week. In the same way, there is usually a cap on how many of these rounds you can be given in a week.

How is the Value of a Spin Determined?

The value of a cash spin is calculated according to the minimum bet value of the pokies game being played.

Pros and Cons of Cash Spins

There are plenty of advantages to using free real money spins:

Of course, as with almost everything in life, there are some disadvantages too:

Find Top Cash Spin Offers

Now that you know a little more about online casino cash spins in New Zealand, you’re sure to want to claim some for yourself. Finding the best deals can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here! Free Spins NZ will help you find all the real-money, reel-turning promotions that you need. Trust us to get you the bonuses you deserve.