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When you play slots you will achieve more wins with more payouts through the slots free spins options. Play at mobile Casino for the chance to combine your free spins slots with user-friendly mobile platforms that allow you to play at any time and from any location.

There are multiple ways to achieve free spins NZ when you play mobile slots. You can make full use of the slot machine's free spins rounds which are triggered when specific symbols appear on the reels.

You can also play the free spins that you receive as part of the casino's free spins bonus packages. Both options enable you to spin the reels of the slot machine for free and enjoy the resulting real money wins. Sometimes the free spins retrigger, resulting in a multiplied number of free spins that you play as part of the same free spins round, You might also find that your free spins round includes a multiplier which means that your wins are doubled, tripled, quadrupled or otherwise enlarged.

Each mobile casino slots has its own parameters for its free spins. Gamers can be assured that the mobile casino free spins will increase the payouts as they increase the fun and excitement of the gaming session.

NZ Casino Slots

Slots – also known as pokies in NZ – are one of the most popular casino event for NZ players. Playing pokies involves spinning the reels of the slot machine and checking to see which matching symbols emerge on the spin. Whenever three or more matching symbols occur after a spin, a win is declared and the winning payout is deposited into the gamer's account.

The value of the winning payouts depends on how many matching symbols appear on a spin as well as what those symbols are, whether wild symbols were involved in creating the win and other factors.

Today's slot machines add a wide range of additional elements that make the regular game spins even more exciting. You can play a machine that offers a limited number of paylines, multiple paylines or – if the game is a 243 Ways to Win game or a 1024 Ways to Win game -- no paylines at all. Additional features that you may find on your pokies include expanding wilds, exploding symbols, stacked symbols, cascading symbols, scatter combination payouts and other options that allow you to create more wins and achieve more payouts.

Free Spins

The game's free spins round is generally triggered by the appearance of three or more scatter symbols which occur simultaneously, scattered on the reels in any position and in any pattern. These symbols don't need to appear on enabled paylines.

If your regular game spin results in the activation of the free spins round, you will be presented with free spins. Sometimes the number of free spins that you receive is pre-determined while at other times the number of free spins is determined by the number of symbols that emerged on the spins that triggered the free spins round.

When the free spins round begins you spin the reels with no deposit obligation and collect the wins that result from those free spins.

Its as simple as that.

Casino Free Spins Bonuses

There's another way to achieve free spins when you play pokies. If you are playing at a casino in which the casino distributes free spins as part of their bonus promotions, you might receive casino bonus free spins.

The casino will automatically apply the free spins to your gaming event so you don't need to submit any bonus codes or complete any forms. Just choose your game and start to play. The casino will notify you, via your account page, of the free spins that you will receive.

Sometimes the free spins are distributed as part of a Welcome Bonus while at other times the casino awards free spins as part of a package of wins that result from Loyalty Points accumulations or from casino contest or draw prizes. Regardless of the reason, receiving free spins is the same as receiving free cash, since you collect all payouts that result from free spins wins.

Finding Games

To start playing an NZ pokies with free spins, you must first determine which games offer free spins. You can open each game and proceed to play to find out which games present the best free spins package or, alternatively, you can read each game's reviews to find out what elements – including free spins – are included in the game.

Most five-reel video slots feature free spins rounds. Before you start playing, check to see whether your chosen game is a game with free spins and ascertain whether your casino is offering free spins as part of its bonus promotions packages. If the answers to both of these questions is "yes" you can expect to enjoy a more engaging and rewarding gaming event as you play on your mobile device.

Mobile Casino

The advantage of playing at the NZ casino is that your free spins follow you from one gaming platform to the other via your casino account. So if you are entitled to receive free spins, those free spins will be accessible to you when you play on your PC device at the Flash Casino or the Download Casino or on your mobile device when you play on your mobile smartphone or tablet.

You can play mobile games on the mobile browser or you can download the casino app and play through the app. Regardless of your choice, you'll find dozens of the best pokies when you play at mobile Casino including games with themes that range from science fiction and magic to pokies with storylines that involve mysticism, romance, intrigue, mythology, history, whimsy, humor, mystery, suspense, travel, adventure and more.

Add excitement and adventure to your pokies event with free spins.

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