Big Kahuna Mobile Pokie

Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies exemplifies the commitment of Microgaming, the leading developer of online casino games, to reformat for mobile only its classic and most popular games. Big Kahuna, in fact, is unique in a number of ways. It is just this uniqueness that has made Big Kahuna a pokies players’ favourite for a full decade.

Big Kahuna

Two Bonus Rounds in One Pokie

Big Kahuna features two unusual and creative bonus rounds. The first mobile pokies bonus involves an extraordinary demonstration of courage and valour by you, our heroic holiday seeker, and the second involves an appreciation of a native culture’s rich creative skill.

Almost alone in the world of online pokies, the two bonus rounds in Big Kahuna Free Spins Mobile Pokies don’t actually involve mobile free spins!

Twelve Special Symbols

Another mobile pokies bonus unique to Big Kahuna is the symbols. Whilst most online pokies have a few symbols punctuated by 10-Ace symbols, Big Kahuna has 12 characters.

A Quiet, Somnolent Vacation Turned Dangerous

You are on holiday on a tropical island. The natives live to serve their holiday guests and to produce exquisite wood-carved masks. One such mask floats about the five reels and takes you to the Mask Bonus when three or more appear on the screen.

First You Dine on Twelve Native Fruits

The natives keep bringing you baskets of native fruit. Each fruit has its own symbol. It is a proven fact that no one can play Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies for long without going to the kitchen in search of a juicy fruit of their own.

The fruits are lychee, orange, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, and raspberry. In addition, a slithery lizard comes by often, always with his tongue outstretched as he attempts to snatch a fruit from your basket. The natives laugh wholeheartedly at the lizard as he is harmless and amusing, too!

Hail to the Chief

The Chief makes his rounds, checking up on the well-being of his many guests and his subjects.

Monkey and Mountain

A goofy monkey provides more comedy relief as it shows his silly grin from reel to reel!

The volcano is also ever-present. The volcano is dormant so the natives pay it no mind. You may look at it warily at first but then the sleepiness of your holiday takes over and you close your eyes to it.

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Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol. If you get all five Wild symbols on a winning payline, your win is 8000 coins times your wager!

The monkey is the Scatter symbol. Unlike the Scatter in most pokies, this Scatter does not send you to a free spins NZ bonus round. In Big Kahuna, the mobile free spins are replaced by the two unique bonus rounds. The Scatter pays in all positions.

Mask Bonus

If you get three mask symbols you go to the Mask Bonus. This special bonus differs in a most creative way from the far more common free spins NZ bonus rounds!

The masks are true works of art. The island is actually quite isolated in the middle of the vast ocean. Although there are always many tourists on this island of year-round beautiful, warm, and breezy weather, the culture that the natives have developed is rather unchanged from the culture of their ancestors.

The natives love to serve their guests and to carve wooden masks.

Here in the Mask Bonus, you’ll see 8 masks. Under most is a dollar prize but under three is the word collect. You choose masks and win money until you choose a collect sign.

If your luck has not been with you, and you choose to collect right off, the natives will happily give you a consolation gift. Ever-ready, they are, to keep the vacationers happy!

The Dangerous Volcano Comes to Life

If you get three volcanoes, a great danger befalls the island. The volcano is no longer in its long slumber. It begins rumbling and spewing smoke from its top. The Chief knows that the volcano will erupt at any moment. A thunderstorm rages above the volcano.

The Chief knows the ancient folkloric tradition that only a brave vacationer can quell the volcano. The vacationer must make a great sacrifice to the volcano. No, not himself, silly!

In the Volcano Bonus, you’ll see three fruits decorated as if for a fruity wedding. You will choose which fruit to offer the volcano. Choose wisely and the volcano will be quieted, the island culture will be saved, and you will be able to return to your sleepy holiday.

You ruminate about your choice but the Chief is there with you and encourages you to make a decision. Finally, you choose one of the fruits. Miraculously, you’ve chosen correctly! The volcano quiets down and you receive a nice cash prize which you surmise was connected to the fruit you chose!

Holiday Revelries Continue

You return to your chair by the beach fruit basket at your side and deeply thankful natives ready to meet your every request. But now you look at the volcano with one eye even as you thwart the lizard with the other eye. You guess that whichever fruit you choose will mollify the volcano but you still can’t help but wonder: will it work every time?

Can Life Ever be the Same?

The only way to find out is to play Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies regularly and go to the Volcano Bonus as often as you can!

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