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Sightings of mermaids have intrigued seafarers for thousands of years. Some cultures were wary of mermaids while others regarded them as symbols of luck and good fortune. You have multiple opportunities to turn the Ariana mermaid and her underwater friends into representatives of fortune and good tidings in the Ariana Free Spins NZ slot machine, available to New Zealand gamers on mobile and PC gaming devices.

Ariana is available as free slots with free spins in the casino's Practice Mode where gamers can review the game's rules, levels and features before playing for real money prizes. Once the player is ready to play for cash prizes he can navigate to the Real Mode and play for real.


Most people know of mermaids as fictional creatures who have the head and upper torso of a woman and the lower body, including the tail, of a fish. Sailors and other ocean-going travellers have reported sightings of mermaids for thousands of years, beginning with the seafaring Phoenicians who represented their love-goddess Atargatis as a mermaid. Folklore from Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Rome referenced mermaids, depicting them as alternately benevolent and beneficent or harbingers of tragedy and disaster.

Some folk traditions associated mermaids with perilous events such as storms, floods, shipwrecks and drownings.

The pirates of the middle ages put a great amount of stock in these beliefs and would go to great lengths to avoid a mermaid-sighting, fearing that, in addition to bringing bad luck, mermaids could bewitch a man and make him give up his gold before they dragged him to the bottom of the sea. The pirate Blackbeard was a famous believer in these stories and steered his ships away from waters in which mermaids had been reported to inhabit.

The Ariana mermaids bring luck and good tidings. As you spin the reels you create combinations. Every combination you create with three or more matching symbols pays out on the win, with the amount being paid out dependent on the symbols involved and the other features included in the spin.

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Playing Pokies

Ariana is featured at the free spins NZ casino. This means that you can play Ariana slots for free, with no deposit obligations, thanks to the game's bonus features and the casino's bonus promotions. These bonuses, which include a Welcome Bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran gamers and other contests and draws for everyone, add casino cash, credits and Points to the player's gaming activities and provide him with the chance to play more slots for more time for free.

PC gamers can use their bonuses to play at the Download Casino while mobile gamers can apply their free spins mobile bonus promos to their mobile casino pursuits. The platforms are linked through your regular casino account so you can access all of your bonus points, cash and credits at your leisure on any gambling platform. Just sign into your account on your chosen platform – your bonuses will be automatically applied to your casino activities.

Underwater Action

Man's fascination with mermaids has spawned literature, poetry, folklore, movies, and now fun-filled pokies that depict Ariana, a young mermaid, who swims through gold coins, jewellery and other riches as she brings you cash prizes. Ariana slots is a 25-payline slot machine with a 250 maximum bet on each payline. You can activate as few or as many paylines as you wish but don't forget that only those paylines that have been activated with a deposit will pay out on a win. Therefore, it's suggested that you enable as many of the paylines as possible. Enable the paylines with a few coins for a low-stakes game or move up to the maximum bet for a high-stakes game.

Game symbols include Ariana, fish of differing colours, a sea dragon, a starfish, coral reefs and traditional slot machine numbers and letters. The Ariana Logo is the Wild Symbol which substitutes for any other symbol to function as the third symbol of a combination. Three Ariana symbols also create completed combinations.

Full matching symbol stacks on Reel 1 which involve the Ariana Wild, the Ariana Logo the Coral and the Sea Dragon or Treasure symbol activate the Expanding Symbol bonus feature. In this feature matching symbols expand to create completed combinations.

Whenever two scatter-starfish symbols display simultaneously they form a scatter combination and indicate a scatter payout which is based on the number of coins that were wagered on the spin that activated the scatter win, multiplied by the scatter payout value. If 3 or more scatters display on a regular spin, the Free Spins round activates.

Free Spins

In the Free Spins round, you receive 15 free spins. When an Ariana Logo symbol and an Ariana image display on the first reel of a free spin, a symbol stack results. Symbol stacks expand on reels two and five to create more combinations for more payout rewards. After you receive your payout the expanded symbols turn Wild. The new wilds function as regular Wilds, substituting for other symbols to create even more winning combinations.

Three scatters on a Free spin reactivate the free spins round. The new free spins are added to the first round's remaining free spins for a new free spin total.

NZ Online Casino

When you play Ariana pokies at the NZ online casino you can prepare for a high-quality casino event of fun, excitement and real money prizes. The Microgaming software developer has created a game where the bright high definition imagery combines with the soothing sounds of the underwater world to create a slot machine that meets all of your personal interests and fantasies. The option to play the Ariana free spins NZ for free as well as for real money makes this a game that fits the gaming levels and betting requirements of every player.

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