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Play for Free, Play for Real

While some players have an amazing intuition when it comes to online and mobile pokies games, others have never, or barely, played pokies in their lives. However, being inexperienced should never stand in your way, if you believe pokies are fun and interesting, and you want to play them.

If you only search, you will be able to find Agent Jane Blonde Pokies as a practice mode, which you can play whenever you feel like it. When playing in practice mode, you will be able to try out the different features of the game, see which you like most and which work best for you.

In the practice mode, you will have the chance to understand how this game works and which methods and techniques you like applying while playing. Once you understand this game, you can switch modes and start playing for real, winning for real, and getting excited for real!

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Time to use the Wild

Wild. A wild symbol with a wild usage. This symbol takes you one step closer to achieving the dream of winning many credits very quickly. The greatness of this symbol lies in its ability to replace any other symbol on the reels, and thus help create new and special winning combinations.

Generally, in order to win credits in this games, players need to have three, four, or five symbols of the same kind on adjacent reels. Now that the Wild symbol can serve as, almost, any other symbol, it will only take two, three, or four, and a Wild to have a winning combination with a nice payout. All winning combinations created with Wild are 2X multiplied.

Your Wild Can Create Winning Combinations of Its Own

Yes, that's right. Two, three, four, or five Wild symbols which appear on adjacent reels will also benefit you with many new credits right away!

For two Wild symbols you will win 10 credits, and for three such symbols, you will have 200 credits. In case you won four Wilds, be sure you are also winning 2,000 credits, and the biggest prize goes to those who won five Wild symbols, and therefore also 10,000 credits!

It Is Time to Play for Free!

Always wanted to play free spins NZ pokies games? If so, today is your lucky day! The Scatter symbol is here to enable you online & mobile free spins pokies games and you can start to enjoy it at this very moment! All you have to do is play!

Three, four, or five Scatter symbols is all that you need in order to play Agent Jane Blonde Free Spins Mobile Pokies now! Once these appear on adjacent reels, you can be confident the “free spins” mode will be triggered immediately, and you will enjoy 15 free spins in which you deposit absolutely nothing!

During the “free spins” mode, you can keep on winning as you always did, and even enjoy a 3X multiplier which applies on all the credits you win. Always remember the free spins can be retriggered, so even if it's the 14th free spin, it's possible you are not that close to finishing enjoying the mode for now!

Win More Credits with Scatter As Well

Want to win more credits? Can't wait until the free spins start, and not sure whether or not you will win real money credits when the mode is activated? Have no fear! When two, or more, Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels, you can win real money credits right away!

For having two Scatter symbols on adjacent reels, you can be confident you will win 2 credits on the spot. Three such symbols will produce payouts of 5 symbols. With four symbols you can expect to enjoy 20 credits, and five symbols is all that you need in order to have the big prize, which is nothing less than 500 credits! Ready to enjoy the payouts?

The Gamble Feature. The Unique Bonus Mode You Always Wished Playing

While any pokies games may offer players very similar bonuses and benefits, Agent Jane Blonde is nothing like it, especially thanks to the Gamble Feature which makes this game much more exciting in no time at all.

While playing this feature, you can decide whether you want to pick a colour (red or black), or a suit (one of the four suits). After making your decision, all you have to do is wait for the results, and see if you won multiplied credits.

When going for a colour, you have the chance to have a doubled prize in case you win, and when going for a suit, you are capable of winning a 4X multiplied prize.

Your Money Is In Your Hands. At All Times.

You can control the bets more than ever with the three features aimed to allow you maximum power at any given moment. Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying this game under your own conditions.

Coins & Select Coins

The Coins feature allows you to choose the size of the coins with which you gamble. The Select Coins allows you to decide how many coins, of the size you opted, you will deposit each spin. Combining these two features when playing will let you enjoy playing the games as you always wanted.

It is good to keep in mind there are advantages and disadvantages both for increasing your bets and for decreasing them. When increasing, you may be depositing more, and therefore using more credits each spin, which may result in shorter games. However, you also enjoy the chance to win higher payouts, since the credits are granted in direct relationship to the wagers.

When reducing the wagers, everything goes the opposite way. In case you win, you gotta be prepared to receive relatively lower payouts. However, if you are a bit short in cash, it is definitely possible to keep on playing for quite a long while, by depositing less each spin.

Bet Max

Ready… set… go!

Always saw yourself as a runner in a race? Can't wait to see yourself winning, and winning big? If so, Bet Max is just the perfect feature for you. A single click of a button marks all lines increases the coin size to the max and raises the number of coins chosen to the max as well.

Right afterwards, the next spin begins, and all you have got to do is watch as the reels are spinning on the screen. This is the time to have a chance of winning the maximal payouts possible.

Once the spin is over, you can readjust the settings as you wish, or keep on playing with the current settings and hope to win the highest payouts you can.

Play the Expert Mode. Enjoy the Auto Spins

When playing the expert mode, you have the ability to enjoy the Auto Play feature, which allows you to trigger spins one after the other automatically. You can trigger 5 or 10 such spins by clicking the 5X or 10X buttons, respectively.

You can also choose the exact number of spins you want to trigger, as well as the method you want the reels to stop from spinning if you click the Auto Play button. No matter how many such spins you triggered, and how you chose the reels will stop from spinning, a Stop button will always be there to serve you if you wish to have a break.


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