Christmas Market at All Slots Online Casino

Get an early start on Christmas cheer and gifts by adding contest coins, multipliers and credits to your regular gaming event through the Christmas Market at All Slots online casino promotion. Christmastime is a season of giving and All Slots will be giving out a variety of bonus prizes and casino swag that you can apply to your Christmas season or use at any other time of the year.

The Christmas Market bonus is accessible at the Download casino, the Instant casino and at the mobile casino so you can enter your account and join the Christmas Market at your leisure. All of your bonus credits and points will be stored in your personal casino account so you can access them at any time on any gaming device. From now through December 25th you'll be able to purchase Christmas Market items via your Christmas Coins.

Enter the casino and choose your preferred games – the Christmas Market promotion is applicable to all of the games in the casino so regardless of your game choices you'll be invited into the market to exchange your coins for market swag. 

You'll find all of the details about the Christmas Market on the Promotions page of All Slots Casino.

Christmas Gifts

Giving gifts on Christmas is a long-standing custom among Christians around the world. Non-Christians often get into the Christmas spirit as well as they trade gifts with their Christian friends as well as with each other.

The early Church frowned on gift giving as a Christmas celebration, They felt that it was reminiscent of pagan rituals in which pagans presented each other with gifts as a celebration of the raucous Roman festival of Saturnalia. Over time, however, the Church leaders saw the wisdom of incorporating these entrenched customs into the new Christian religion. They began to promote gift-giving as a symbolic homage to the tributes of gold frankincense and myrrh that the Three Wise Men were said to have given to baby Jesus.

Santa Claus came onto the scene as a 4th century Bishop, St. Nicholas, who was well-regarded for having provided an indigent nobleman with the dowry that allowed the man to marry off his daughters. St. Nicholas became the patron of giving and charity and as the customs of Christmas became firmer within Christian celebrations, St. Nicholas and his efforts to bring cheer through gift-giving became a well-regarded aspect of the Christmas merriment.

In some parts of the world children still wait for St. Nick but in other areas the figure of St. Nick has morphed into the character of Santa Claus. .


There are four rounds of play in the Christmas Market promotion:

  • Round 1: Sunday November 27th 2016 – Saturday December 3rd 2016
  • Round 2: Sunday December  4th 2016 – Saturday December 10th 2016
  • Round 3: Sunday December 11th 2016 – Saturday December 18th 2016
  • Round 4: Sunday December 19th 2016 – Saturday December 25th 2016 

Market Details

The Market will be open 24/7 throughout the four rounds of play, You'll be able to enter the market and purchase items at your convenience. Market sale items include bonuses with varying values. All of the prices are marked in Christmas Coins and you can redeem your preferred market bonus for the marked coin price at your leisure.

Sale items include free spins, free casino credits and match bonus credits. All of these Christmas market items allow for real money casino gaming with no additional deposit. You'll take home the wins that you achieve through these spins and credits. 

Christmas Coins

Your Christmas Coins are determined by your current level of Loyalty Points. Every Loyalty Point is worth one Christmas Coin. The more regular games that you play and the more Loyalty Points that you achieve, the more Christmas Coins you'll have for Christmas Market gifts. 

Magic Wheel

One time per round you'll be invited to spin the Magic Wheel. The Magic Wheel starts anew every Sunday on the first day of every round so in addition to the other Christmas Market fun and excitement you have four opportunities to achieve wheel bonuses which involve Loyalty multipliers and a flat loyalty prize. 

Round Five

The fifth round is Santa's Sleigh round which runs from Christmas day to New Years (December 25th – January 1st). During this week players are invited to enter the Market and choose a bonus gift. There will be a post-Christmas sale and all players will be eligible to participate in the sale. Sale gifts include special discounts on Christmas Market items, Christmas Coins and Loyalty multipliers.

All Slots Games

Earning Christmas coins is accomplished through playing any of the All Slots casino games. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose your games – when you make a deposit you'll collect Loyalty points which can then be turned into Christmas Coins for the Christmas Market promotions.

When you bet $10 you receive 1 point. Loyalty Point tiers include Entry Point level, Maintenance Points level and bonus points level. Each level is divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond rungs on the Loyalty Points ladder. The further up the Loyalty points ladder you climb, the more Christmas Coins you'll receive for Christmas market purchases. 

Together with the Christmas market promotion you are also eligible for the other casino promotions at the free spins casino. As a new player you will collect up to $1630 in casino cash and match bonus points during your first week of casino entertainment. You'll be welcomed into the casino with $5 in immediate casino cash and a 100% match credits up to $250 on your first casino deposit. Then, on your second deposit you will be gifted with $15 in free cash plus a 100% match bonus which is valued at up to $250. The third and fourth deposits deliver 50% match bonus credits of up to $500 on your third deposit and up to $600 on your fourth deposit. 

Enjoy a lively December with the Christmas Market at All Slots online casino.